The Debden Park PTA are a group of mums, dads and teachers who support and organise events at the school.  The events raise extra funding for the school in order to buy items that benefit the children, which otherwise may not be provided.

We organise quiz nights, charity bag collection days and support the school’s events and shows by providing refreshments, etc.

We also run the nearly-new uniform shop which raises extra money.  Prices for uniform are:

Blazers              £5

Kilts                   £5

PE T-Shirts        £5

PE Shorts          £5

Jumpers            £3

Blouses             £3

Ties                    £2

Shirts                 £1

Socks                 £1


As new parents, we do hope that you will want to join or help the PTA.  Any support that you can give is really appreciated, attending meetings, helping to organise events or just come along and help when you can.  We do need extra support in order that we can continue to organise more events and, as parents leave, we need to ensure new parents become involved.  Without continued support we will not be able to keep the PTA up and running.  Meetings are usually held every 6 weeks.

Please contact pta@dphs-tkat.org if you would like further information on the PTA, uniform orders or book tickets for the quiz night.


PTA Funding

Here is a link to the web page that the students in the Carnegie Reading Group have helped to put together. They have been busy reading the books funded by the PTA and writing reviews on what they have read so far, we also have our weekly blog that you can find on our homepage.