Year 7-10

All students are expected to engage in PREP.  PREP is about students working independently outside the classroom to review and consolidate what they have been taught in order to enhance learning and develop their subject knowledge across all their subjects. Students will be given a PREP exercise book (at the beginning of term) which will be used for revision and to complete various activities during form time and at home. Students are expected to PREP every evening for a minimum of 60-90 minutes. Students may also use the PREP Student Guide Book to support them with their PREP work. Students may write what PREP work they need to complete in their Brains. Some PREP will be directed by teachers.

 Year 11

 All Year 11 students are expected to engage in PREP. However, due to the significance of being in Year 11, students will be given regular homework alongside PREP work which will ensure they are consistently revising and developing their subject knowledge and exam skills. Homework will be regularly monitored by the subject teachers, marked and feedback will be provided to the students. Subjects will set regular homework and PREP work according to the curriculum.

Download the PREP Guide Book here.