British Values

At Debden Park High School we are passionate about teaching British values. Through period 1 all students will investigate democracy, tolerance, mutual respect and liberty. Students will investigate their rights and responsibilities, duties and freedoms including topics such as law and justice. Personalised tasks for each year group will challenge students and create debate, encouraging respect from different national, religious and ethnic identities. Students will explore the values we share as citizens in the UK and will challenge discrimination and extremism in its many different forms.

The core values and message will be celebrated in weekly assemblies and through their lessons in school. For instance Year 8 study discrimination and how influential people fought for equality, whilst in Year 9 students compare their human rights to people in different countries. Students will explain and give examples of how British values should be celebrated and understand the implications and problems that would arise if these were removed. In addition external speakers will visit the school to give a personal touch to the serious issues and topics discussed.

We are proud to ensure students will be critical, active citizens who will use their knowledge from sessions in school to make the right choices when they leave, to be excellent role models for others and to uphold the true values of what makes Great Britain great.

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