A-level Curriculum

At the start of year 12 in September 2016, sixth form students chose four A-level subjects to study, after guidance and support from teachers. Most subjects offered follow the reformed linear A-level specification.

Most students continued with four subjects until the end of Year 12. At the end of year 12 the majority of sixth form students continued with their best three subjects into A-level in year 13.

A-Level Assessment

Our students have experienced a mix of internal and external assessments on their route to A-level examinations. Internal summative assessments were undertaken by our current year 13 cohort in January 2017, March 2017 (and June 2017 if AS entries were not made). At the end of year 12 (June 2017) those students studying legacy specifications were entered for the relevant AS examinations. Those students studying reformed A-level specifications were entered for AS Examinations in some of those subjects only. If these assessments in the reformed specifications were sat, they were taken with the understanding that they will be discounted by the students’ year 13 A-Level result, but would provide students with some insight into their understanding of the subject so far. Heads of department took the decision on whether to enter students or not into reformed AS examinations based on how useful they would be to guide student learning in year 13. AS Grades achieved by students in reformed qualifications should therefore be taken in this context, and not necessarily seen as a basis for A-Level attainment predictions.

Predictions for A-Level Attainment

Having now taken our first cohort of students through to the end of a very successful year 13 with a 100% pass rate we have been able to verify that our own internal assessment structure allows us to accurately predict A-Level outcomes for students in both reformed and unreformed A-Levels.

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