Technique of the Week

Improve your Pace and Time Management
on Exam Questions

Do you run out of time in exams? Pace and timing are important exams skills. Here are some tips for exam time management.

1. Get up to speed. Time your practise questions. Aim for one mark every minute to a minute and a half.
2. During practise papers, change pen colour to finish the question when your allotted time is up. This will help you to visually track improvements in your pace.
3. In the exam, try answering your strongest questions first. This means reading through a paper and deciding on the order you will answer the questions in. Budget the remainder of your time and stick to your allocation. You can always come back to a hard question but you can't create extra time if you've stayed on one area for too long.
4. Where there is a multiple choice section, leave these questions until last.. These are the questions you are most likely to use too much of your time budget on.
5. Wear a watch for all your exams.