Breaktime/ Lunchtime access for parents

26 January

Dear Parent/Carer

Due to safeguarding guidance and to keep your child safe in school we will no longer be allowing parents or visitors on site during break time, 11am – 11.20am (10.30am – 10.50am on Tuesday) and lunch time, 1.20pm – 2.10pm (12.50pm – 1.30pm on Tuesday).

We will not open the gate to allow access during these times. If you need to collect your child for an appointment or in an emergency, please telephone our reception and we will endeavour to make arrangements for your child to meet you at the gate.

If your child has to leave school during the school day, please make sure they have a note from you stating the time they have to leave and if you are collecting them. They will then have to sign out at main reception and sign back in on their return. All hospital/dental appointments should be verified with an appointment card or letter.

Thank you for your continued support.


Yours sincerely

Mrs G Haycock

Deputy Headteacher – Lead Safeguarding Officer