Year 11 - Speaking and Listening Day - Thursday 4th January

Please pass on our congratulations to your son/daughter following their recent GCSE English Language mock examinations. Year 11 approached the exams with maturity and their effort during this time was impressive to see.

In order to obtain their English Language Grade Level in August 2017, students must also complete a speaking and listening assessment. We shall assist students in preparing for this on 4th January, when they will be off timetable and complete a series of workshops with Team English and Leadership. These workshops are designed to ensure that students have rehearsed the key skills assessed during the final exam. It is expected that students will dedicate the weekend of 6-7th January to finalise and rehearse their presentations before being examined in lessons in the week commencing 8th January.

In advance of this, students will be expected over the Christmas holidays to select and research a thought-provoking subject matter as the focus for their speaking and listening presentation. They will be given a list of suggested topics should they be struggling to select a topic for themselves. It is imperative students have thoroughly researched and are familiar with material linked to their chosen topic in advance of Thursday 4th January, as the day itself will be dedicated to presentation skills rather than content. Should students fail to prepare prior to Thursday 4th January, their mark will undoubtedly be affected.

Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me on

Thank you in advance for your support.


Madam Behan