National Poetry Day

This year’s National Poetry Day was celebrated on an even bigger scale at DPHS. Last year’s whole-school BE PUBLISHED competition returned with a new twist: not only would their stories and descriptions be aimed at real audiences – their peers, staff, parents, and governors – but so would their poems. In Period One, students either chose an emotion which they described using the five senses, or wrote a poem about a topic of their choosing. Writing about their feelings in such a metaphorical way seemed a little strange at first, but we now have hundreds of fantastic entries to shortlist for our very own Debden Park poetry anthology.

In addition to the poetry buzz during Period One, all English lessons on the day were dedicated to reading and writing poems on the theme of freedom. From the wise and profound to the light-hearted and funny, we have some budding poets waiting to be recognised. The winning entries are being selected for publication, but here’s a taster of our Year 8s’ creativity:


He who is not happy with the

way life grows

Will not complete the tasks that it vigorously throws.

Learn to love yourself before

the chance is lost

And you will live a happy

life whatever is the cost.


Ellie Sholem, Year 8


Well done to all students who took part in National Poetry Day!