Sixth Form Dress Code

It is important that you adhere to the DPHS6 dress code.   Your outfits reflect your attitude to learning. They show that you take your role in the Sixth form seriously and that you understand the importance of looking smart and working smartly.  The dress code MUST be worn at all times, unless you are specifically told otherwise.

In the event of a dispute between a student and the school about what is appropriate clothing / appearance, the decision of the Director of the Sixth Form and Deputy Head Teacher responsible for Sixth form is final.  Students who do not adhere to the uniform policy of the school will be sent home.


Suit  - Dark coloured with matching skirt or trousers.

Skirt - Knee length and not tight fitting

Trousers - Smart, tailored style, not tight fitting

Shirt/ blouse  - Plain with formal collar and must be tucked in at the waist

Jumper (optional) - If worn, must be plain and a dark colour

Socks - Plain dark coloured

Tights - Plain black or neutral colour

Footwear - Plain black or brown leather type shoes with no more than a 2-inch heel

Coat - Coats must be removed in the school building

Hat - Students may wear appropriate hats to / from school

Headscarf - May be worn for religious reasons, but must be plain

Lanyards  - Lanyards to be worn at all times on school premises


Suit - Dark coloured

Shirt - Plain with formal collar; must be tucked in at the waist                        

Tie - Formal business tie, with appropriate knot.                      

Jumper (optional)  - If worn, must be plain and a dark colour

Socks - Plain dark coloured

Footwear - Plain black or brown leather type shoes

Coat - Coats must be removed in the school building

Hat - Students may wear appropriate hats to / from school

Lanyards - Lanyards to be worn at all times on school premises


Please note: the following are NOT acceptable for any student

Skirts - Shorter than knee-length, tight fitting, Lycra, jersey material

Trousers - Tight fitting, Lycra or jersey material, jeans, leggings, jeggings, hipsters, shorts, denim, cords  

Footwear - Trainers, canvas shoes / plimsolls, any type of boots, stiletto heels, sandals 

Shirts - Large checks / bold stripes / logo, leisure shirts, coloured vests 

Tops - Hoodies, tracksuit tops, tank tops or cardigans 

Hats - Baseball caps


For health & safety reasons jewellery is restricted to a maximum of one pair of plain ear studs, one in each lobe, and a wrist watch. No other forms of piercing or jewellery are allowed.

All jewellery must be removed prior to participation in PE because of the health & safety risks. The security of these is the responsibility of the student.

Make up - Make up must be discreet.

Hair - Hair must not be dyed unnatural colours. Extreme fashion cuts or styles are not appropriate.

Lapel badges - These must be linked to school activities.

Mobile phone and other mobile electronic devices

Any brought into school are the personal responsibility of the student. They must be switched off and out of sight in all areas of school except for the Common Room.

Debden United Week!

Dear Parents/Carers,

I am writing to inform you that our last week of term will be a fun based week known as ‘DEBDEN UNITED’.

The aim of the week is different for each year group and I have listed below the focus of the week for each year group. These activities will run alongside the rewards trips for those students who are attending. 

Year 7 and Year 8 will be involved in numerous activities and challenges that will have an interform focus and where our ethos of the Be’s will be at the forefront of the week.

Year 9 will be involved in making a film in small groups, where they will attend film related workshops, be involved in directing, producing and acting, and ending the week with an Oscar ceremony.

Year 10 will complete their CV’s in preparation for Year 11 and be involved in ‘The Apprentice’, again this will be an interform based activity. 

The week will conclude with Sports Day on Friday 21st July.  There will be an extended break from 11.00 – 11.30 and then students will be dismissed at 12.30pm.  Please note the school buses will collect at this time. 

Students will not be required to wear school uniform next week, other than PE kit on Friday for Sports Day.  Please ensure that your child comes to school appropriately dressed - No flip flops, short shorts, short skirts or cropped tops.  We will keep students out of their activities if they are not suitably dressed until alternative clothing can be brought in.

We hope that this week will be enjoyed by all to celebrate the end of one of our most successful years in the school’s history.  If you have any questions about next week, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Finally, I would like to thank you for your continued support and remind you that school will commence on Wednesday 6th September.  

Have an outstanding summer!

Yours sincerely

G Haycock and the Progress Team

Summer Show 2017

The summer show is on Wednesday 12th July at 7pm. See Mr Ventura for more details.

The PTA will be selling refreshments (drinks and snacks) at the summer show on Wednesday 12 July.  All proceeds go towards extra funding for the school.

Thank you for your continued support.


On Thursday 22nd June our fantastic dance company, DYD, took part in a performance called Engage. Organised by Epping Forest District, this dance showcase has been running for many years. This year DYD got to dance in The Spotlight Theatre in Hoddesdon. They performed two dance pieces with such professionalism and energy that they impressed all involved. One of the dances is a Jazz piece full of energy, jumps and quick turns which gave the audience a ‘wow’ factor. The other piece was an African dance performed to an African/Folk song. It is very different to what we have done before and added some diversity to the event. The response from the audiences was so fantastic and the students were filled with praise when they finished. We are very proud of all of the students involved. You were such a fabulous representation to the school. Well done.

Madam Davis and Madam Mason



Urban Dance Showcase 

The 4th July was a big day in the land of dance at Debden. The whole of year 7 took part in an Urban Dance Showcase. Each form group had been working on a class dance in dance lessons, something the year 7's have never done before. They each took to the stage to perform their masterpieces whilst everyone else watched in excitement. Madam Russell and Madam Mitchell were on hand to be judges and they had some fabulous feedback for the dancers. They were so impressed that they wrote down individual students to send praise cards home too! Let's hope you receive one! 

Well done to everyone involved for your hard work and commitment to dance. What a fabulous way to end the term. A special mention to 7D who were declared the winners of the 2017 Urban Dance Showcase. 

Madam Davis, Madam Mason and Madam Sealy-Bell