Key stage 4 Choices

Key Stage 4 covers the 14-16 age range and is a very important part of your education. The qualifications you achieve during this time will influence your course opportunities and career prospects when you leave Debden Park High School.

At Debden Park we want to provide our students with the best possible choices, combined with the best possible guidance from our staff to help guide you towards the right options for you.

Our options process at Debden Park takes into account the new English Baccalaureate. This is a combination of Maths, English, Sciences, a Humanities and a Language taken at GCSE level. Those students that we feel would benefit from taking this combination of GCSEs will be directly offered this choice, all students who would like to opt for the English Baccalaureate will also have the chance to do so.

With the support of your parents we expect a great deal from each of you. During Key Stage 4 you will focus on key skills such as literacy, numeracy and the use of ICT, as well as expanding your knowledge and skills in your chosen subjects. Our constant monitoring of your performance enables us to support you effectively to achieve the best that you can.

Regular interim reports keep you and your parents informed about your achievement and progress. You are awarded projected (current) grades for each subject that are based on ongoing assessment of work and indicate the current likely outcome at GCSE level.

The information in options booklet tells you about the content and assessment for each subject that can be studied in Key Stage 4. We hope you find this information useful. The best way of making use of the information is to talk to the school staff at the Key Stage 4 Evening. Please check our calendar for further details.

Complete the 2019 Choices form here.

Download the 2019 Options Booklet here