Ethos and Values

Our school’s vision is to provide an excellent education in a safe supportive learning environment, one where people are valued and make positive contributions to the school community, and where students go on to become responsible, independent members of society.

Underlying our vision are five aims:
Social and Moral Development

We focus on empowering our students to succeed in all aspects of life. Our care for your child and their social and moral development is our primary concern. You will receive 6 communications a year with regards to progress and you will be invited to a Parent Consultation Day each year to discuss steps forward with subject teachers. In addition, Year 7 parents will be invited to a Tutor Evening to check that all of our students have made a positive transition from Primary to Secondary school.

We also provide a wide ranging programme of activities and dedicated days to ensuring that our Year 7 and 8 students work well with each other and are gaining the skills they need to ensure they are fully prepared for their GCSEs and have an excellent grounding in numeracy, literacy and thinking skills.

High Academic Standards
We are dedicated to ensuring that all of our students leave our school with the qualifications, skills and experience they need to be successful. All students are set challenging, personal targets based upon previous attainment and teacher assessment that are constantly reviewed and communicated to parents. Our teachers regularly assess and monitor progress to ensure students reach their full potential across the entire curriculum.
We enter students for their GCSEs based on ability rather than their age. This has proved highly successful; allowing our students to gain GCSE grades as early as Year 9. This gives our students the experience of what is required when they step up to Key Stage 4.

Wider Opportunities to Achieve

We have a huge programme of opportunities beyond the timetabled curriculum; we do not see these activities as extra-curricular but as an essential element to our philosophy of offering the broadest possible curriculum. This curriculum includes opportunities as wide ranging as performing a play in London’s West End, to representing the school in regional sports leagues, to having a piece of writing published.

Preparing for a Lifetime of Learning
We aim to instil students with a love of learning; to prepare them for challenge but also for change; to teach them to value questions as much as answers and to understand that we are all learners. We are preparing students for life at a time where change will come ever faster and where the ability to be flexible and respond to challenge will become ever more important.

Innovation and the use of Leading Edge Approaches to Teaching and Learning

Our progresso system allows you to easily keep up to date with your child’s attendance and to view progress reports and a range of information showing the achievements of your child. Our classrooms are well resourced, with state of the art interactive whiteboards which allow our teachers to deliver engaging, outstanding lessons.

Debden Park High School is an Academy within the Kemnal Academies Trust and we work as part of a family of schools to raise standards and to enable students to achieve and surpass their potential.

In conclusion, together we will ensure students are given the educational opportunity of a lifetime. To equip our students for the future is our most vital task. At Debden Park High School we are fortunate to be able to have the very best facilities to do this. The investment we have had has been enormous – but we firmly believe that our students are worth it.

We are proud to affirm that our children are our future.
Christian Cavanagh


Be Inspired

At the core of Debden Park High School are the people that create the school; students, staff and parents.  They are the inspiration that drives the schools improvement and makes it an inspiring place to learn, work and study.  Be Inspired is our drive to harness and enhance individual talents, skills, attributes and interests. This inspires and motivates all to learn.  This enables all to love their time at Debden Park High.

Be Involved

Our aim is to create a learning environment where all students feel that they are an integral part of the school community, who contribute confidently to their own learning and that of others. Our students will experience challenge and success both inside and outside of the classroom, they will feel secure in learning from failure and be proud of their achievements. We will strive to ensure every student has an opportunity to learn outside of the classroom, through a strong enrichment programme that caters for the enjoyment of all, where students will learn to work together, build strong friendships, demonstrate resilience and responsibility.   Staff and students will work collaboratively and share a mutual love of learning that exists within the classroom and beyond.

Be Challenged

At Debden Park High School, we set our students challenging targets within the classroom and beyond. In conquering these challenges, we hope to instil the resilience and confidence to allow our students to stand tall in a modern world.  Struggle builds character, we believe that all students, with hard work and the right support can achieve aspirational goals. We aim to give our students the opportunity to feel unstoppable when they achieve far more than they ever imagined.


Our vision is to create a caring, stimulating and secure environment in which staff and students can work and play safely. We nurture self esteem, self respect and a respect for others. Our students value the rights of others.  We expect our students to meet our high expectations in terms of both work and behaviour in a wide range of educational settings.

Be Ready

In order to embrace learning successfully, we need to Be Ready.  To Be Ready at Debden Park High School means for students to be :

Organised – prepare to be successful by having the appropriate equipment, appropriate uniform, and the appropriate mindset.

Willing – taking charge of their own learning, seizing every moment to be successful.

Be Driven

Through detailed, accurate, honest assessment and reflection, we will empower students to achieve their true potential.  We believe all students should make outstanding progress as they move through the school, irrespective of their starting points and backgrounds. It is our role to support, guide, and drive every student in every subject to successful outcomes. Individual academic and pastoral support ensure that all students have the every opportunities to access outstanding teaching and demonstrate outstanding learning.

Be Exceptional

Every day our students, teachers and staff strive to be exceptional, working together to ensure our school stands out.  For us it is not enough just to be the equal of everyone else. We do not hide in mediocrity.  We want to work harder, go further and achieve more than everyone else – because we believe every member of our school can be exceptional.

Our vision is to develop staff and students who have a shared vision of excellence and strive to be exceptional in all they do …………….because who wants to be ordinary when you can stand out and Be Exceptional?

our vision

Debden Park High School was established in September 1999 on a tiny site in Chigwell, before moving to its current buildings in September 2001. We are very proud of our school, of our outstanding facilities and impressive surroundings, and it is a real privilege to work here.

At the heart of everything we do are our students. Our curriculum is student-centred and we aim for their education to be inspiring, stimulating and challenging. Our staff are appointed for their passion, their enthusiasm and their imagination in communicating with children to ensure that every single child in their classes is engaged, excited and challenged by the learning experience at all times.

Our vision is to empower students so that they are able to take control of their own future and have enhanced life chances as a result of learning with us. We are academically ambitious for our students and with the opening of our sixth form in September 2015 we are excited at now having the opportunity to nurture their love of learning into A Levels and beyond.

We want our students to become independent learners, who are critical in their thinking, informed in their choices and confident in their ability to succeed in the modern world, who are respectful and tolerant, driven and confident and who strive for the best. In addition to their academic lives we also want our students to benefit from extra curricular experiences in the arts, sport and culture which will help them become well rounded balanced adults.

We are also extremely proud of our status as a Teaching School and of the role we play in developing motivated, passionate and outstanding teachers and visionary leaders. We work in collaboration with King Harold Academy in Waltham Abbey and this partnership has at its heart a drive for success. Through learning across both schools, all will be inspired, challenged and prepared to embrace the modern world.