Year 11 GCSE English Anthology Poetry booklets

Here are poetry revision booklets for each of the poems in the Character & Voice section of the anthology. Enjoy :)

The Ruined Maid booklet

The River God booklet

The Hunchback in the Park Booklet

Singh Song booklet

Ozymandias booklet

On a Portrait of a Deaf Man booklet

My Last Duchess booklet

Medusa booklet

Les Grand Seigneurs booklet

Horse Whisperer booklet

Give booklet

The Clown Punk booklet

Checking Out Me History booklet

Brendon Gallacher booklet

Cashehistory booklet


Year 8 X Box Game Design

Here is a link to the Kodu Program that creates X Box games.  Those students who have X Box can download it directly from the X Box and those without XBox can use the link below to download it to a PC.  It’s completely free and lots of fun.

Download Kodu

Below is a link to Planet Kodu!  You may find some extra special tips and tricks here.  You can also share your games with others.

Planet Kodu



Year 11 Physics Revision

Welcome to year 11 Physics revision. To start you off, use this prezi to give yourself an overview of the key ideas in P7:

P7 Prezi

Now create your own revision prezi, these are some of the ones created today – some fantastic work Year 11 (and some still in progress I know) use them to help you revise;–eoxbj0-nwm/p7-courtney-collins-dphs/


Use the Bitesize revision links for P1 (the ideas in context section you will cover):

P1 Revision

Re-Read the pre release article:

Physics pre Release 2012

Use this youtube play list