Everything we do at Debden Park High School is about providing the best learning experience for our students.

Learning is not a spectator sport

It is our belief that Learning should be challenging, fun and active.  At Debden Park, the learner is at the centre of each lesson. Students have to, investigate, discover, and cooperate in their learning. They then have to demonstrate and apply their new found knowledge. Finally they have to evaluate their understanding, set themselves goals and challenges. All of this takes careful planning and cooperation from and between teachers.

In order to create outstanding learning Debden Park is dedicated to high standards, innovative and engaging teaching,  reflective practice and continued professional development in a environment that supports, challenges and holds everyone to account.

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Student Voice

At Debden Park High school the students’ views are seen as crucial to the continual improvement of learning. The ‘Student Voice’ is coordinated by the Head Boy and Girl and the Student Voice Leadership Team. The aim of Student Voice is to:

“Work with teachers to improve the learning throughout the school. To be lead learners, and to promote outstanding learning.”

There are a number of responsibilities within the ‘Student Voice.’  The Student Voice Leadership Team is responsible for leading the Student Voice; they undertake day to day jobs and run each of the ‘Voice’ groups.


At Debden Park High School we aim to equip our students with the skills needed to succeed as learners, both during and after their time here. As part of our commitment to inspire our students to learn, Independent Learning Projects (ILPs) were created to consolidate and build on the knowledge that students acquire during their lessons. These projects are given to all of our year 7 and 8 students and they are expected to complete a new project each half term.