Be Safe

Safeguarding at DPHS

Be Safe. The Vision

At Debden Park our aim is to keep every child safe; we will provide information and opportunities for students to get involved in learning about the world around them and how to keep themselves safe both inside and outside of school. We will actively promote safety in all aspects of the student’s life, and will provide a safe place where they can openly discuss concerns or worries. Be safe will be taught discretely, but will also form part of the child’s Personal, Social and Health Education programme.

The Plan

This year the students at Debden Park will learn about the following as part of the Be Safe programme. This will take place during assemblies, period1 and lesson time. Please find attached the links to informative websites which will provide you with further information on each one of our listed topics

* Internet Safety

* Social and emotional well-being

* Relationships

* Anti-Bullying

* Cultural awareness

* Health

* Substance misuse

* Citizenship


Recently the government has recognised the vital part that schools can play within the ‘Prevent’ agenda and our staff have undertaken training on anti-radicalisation and extremism. This is all part of safeguarding. Therefore In addition to the above topics our students will gain an understanding of the Prevent agenda. Students will be made aware of risk indicators and how to keep themselves safe in the following areas;


Child Sexual Exploitation

If you would like more information about CSE, please follow this link:

FGM (Female Genital Mutilation)

Honour Based Killing

Safeguarding Officers at Debden Park

Mrs Bernice Goody (Safeguarding and Well-being Manager) 0208 418 1229

Mrs Gemma Haycock (Deputy Head) 0208 418 1222

Mrs Claire Porter (Director for Behaviour for Learning) 0208 418 1203